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沪台通左旋杯杯瘦咖啡"Good, bearer, send two river east emissary to rest." Yang fu nodded, attracted a maid, will take two people to the pavilion, with the maid before he entered the hall of his ministry of rites."At this age, why there is a military air, and although it is a game, but also a little too dangerous for children." Gu shao inquired."Last move?" Cao cao wen yan one zheng, immediately complexion big change, suddenly rise, twist a head severe voice way: "notice yuan let, seal off four doors, no one can come in and out, everyone, follow me into the palace face saint!"

"Yes, father."Xun yu heard his silence. In fact, even after lu bu occupied chang 'an, except guo jia, who really cared about the xiao tiger? Not only cao cao was wrong, but most people were wrong. It was because of people's contempt that lyu3 bu did not encounter great obstacles in the early stage of development, so that today's trouble.Little Joe pouting behind big Joe said, "I think ling-qi is very good, to give our daughter family prestige."沪台通"If a hundred schools of thought contend, we can make progress together. The reason is very simple. The old man is stupid. Zheng xuan took a breath.

沪台通"What if we win?" "Even if we win," zhou yu said with a smile, "it will be for someone else. It will help liu bei and cao cao.Although the current population, even the old city can not be filled, but the south to the north, the flourishing atmosphere has been with lu bu entered luoyang, constantly show, by contrast, as jingzhou in the past, xiangyang can be more than one point of ruin.All of a sudden, the whole land of three han suffered.

"Even if our army had an absolute advantage over cao cao, it would take five years to digest the central plains." Zhongyuan family all over the world, however, even if lyu3 bu4 occupied the central plains, there is also a hard hit, destroy cao cao is easy, but to lu bu in the guanzhong policy implement step by step, not only by the iron fist to suppress, so it is difficult to digest cao cao's territory, and this five years, liu2 bei4 will shu in the annex, enough to know, liu2 bei4 but now too much powerful than history, the whole jingzhou, now in addition to xiangyang city, has done all belong to the liu bei, lyu3 bu4 if at this time will be a lot of time consumption in digesting the central plains, when lu bu to again, I'm afraid liu2 bei4 also completed the integration of jingzhou and shu.A figure, appear in the eye of all astonishment in the corner of conference hall, nighthawk ignores the eye of all astonishment, one knee kneels before lv bu body: "nighthawk sees master.""Although I am not here, but my Lord has been removed from the throne, in etiquette, I am the han dynasty to treat your state with respect, but now chang 'an city, my Lord as respect, since the queen of your state personally to see, my Lord personally welcome, there is no wrong, you is the general, but also should not step on his side, and my Lord direct dialogue. Yang fu cold hum 1, station origin come, looking at that color eye person way.沪台通





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