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柯兰文雅迪助力车报价Compared to lu bu this time move, Chen GUI's death while in many celebrities feel angry, again only when they are ready for lyu3 bu4 criticism, found that many people have no language, they can think of abuse and disapproval, long time ago has been all used, lyu3 bu4 poses no impact at all."A elder sister, can you, do for CAI family, also remain these." CAI MAO silently turned over and mounted the horse, took the hand handed to the gun, looking at their own pro-guard command: "before the things you ordered, have you remembered?""I'm afraid the general has been sent down!" Yan pu sighed and smiled sadly.

"What! ?" Chen GUI wenyan face suddenly become pale, Chen deng's two sons, that is the roots of the Chen clan, now unexpectedly......"Separate? The queen?" Cao cao wen yan one zheng, turned his head to see liu xie a glance, looked at fu over, shook his head and said: "a good move to divert the tiger from the mountain, the country zhang good calculation!"See zhaoyun ride horse came to the center of the game, waving a flag loudly way: "the battle of the young strike ju, now start, the two sides golfers in position!"柯兰文

柯兰文"For... Why?" This is a thorn in CAI MAO's heart."Poof ~"Who also defy who, it happened are both teeth pointed mouth people, zhuge liang is angry tantalizing, pang tong a poison tongue, can let the literati moving blade, both of them can't persuade each other, in the end, is competing situation, now the bore is clear mountain to liu bei, a play can help liu bei had half of jingzhou firefight, look at this, all will take jingzhou, pang tong had how can?

"Your majesty feel, that lyu3 bu4 will promise to pass 100 ji?" "Cao cao asked in reply."Kill ~""Poof ~"柯兰文




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