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甲醇上市公司国检特供酒< / p > < p > the ship on the river bank, taishi ci and other jiangdong soldiers laughed slowly back yan 'an, against the river, ready to land from jiangling, in trying to recapture jiangxia, if land and siege battle, Chen to confident jiangdong soldiers can be over abuse.At the same time, in xiangyang, zhuge liang also received the news of liu bei's retreat back to jingzhou, completely relieved.At the same time, cao cao, who had returned to xingyang, received a message from liu bei that liu bei was going to retreat.

"Is that veteran yan yan?" Wei yan sat on the horse, a thousand miles away from the mirror, looking at the side of the deng xian asked."What does master mean?" Wei yan looked at fa zheng with some dissatisfaction. Just now he had the chance to save liu's life, but he was prevented by fa zhengWhat really worried liu bei was that jiang dong in the rear had been dishonest again recently. Zhuge liang's letter had been sent to him this morning.甲醇上市公司Then frowning, he said, "then how could you be sure it was your dog

甲醇上市公司"Pull the boat here." Lv meng quickly led his troops to the bank of the river and watched the floating ship.When wei yan, according to the instructions of pang tong at that time, received the information and arrived in langzhong with 6,000 troops to escort the grain and grass of hanzhong, he was warmly welcomed by all the officers and soldiers of langzhong daying camp."General liu, there may be some misunderstanding!" Zhang ren's mouth moved, even he did not find any convincing words, but he had to say.

"Hum!" Think of being his wife, but climbing up the bed of milan, between the dedication and that milan to discuss how to deal with their, liu DHS had some heart calm down, suddenly heart ached, his hand clenched, his knuckles wavesMany people smell speech, lump, lv meng sink a track: "I have been sent to inform the tetrarch, viceroy's funeral, when hosted by master, please you be calm, believe the tetrarch, will give us a replacement, give this a replacement, I swear lv meng, lifetime, even if the head don't spell, also must revenge for this."Meng da a change before the words of liu zhang, a talk, liu zhang followed the many shortcomings of lu bu point out one by one, for the people of shu, in fact, whether or not the land has no difference at all, just from the family slave turned into a family slave liu zhang, did not get any benefit, how will support liu zhang?甲醇上市公司




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