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利豪揪痧|超薄纤体矫形内衣Burn when the old king must not die, Korea hence is very clear about this, so, after the news, immediately point qi military forces, personally led the troops to war, kill to burn when the camp."Quick, stop him!" Call hutch springs didn't expect the han army, unexpectedly have such a tough general, frightened, also can't continue to command the team, while riding back, while commanding around martial arts forward siege lyu3 bu4.Looking at the direction of the city of millet, the huns must have sent the news, according to the speed, up to three days, the news should be sent to wuwei, only hope that pound they can stick to that moment, as long as the huns retreat, the battle should be over.

ZuoXian king liu bao did not go to Korea hence about, at ease to stay in show beauty according to his heart and ideas to govern the city, in his view, Korea hence combined with the other four soldiers, enough to destroy lyu3 bu4, he doesn't need to go over."Eight thousand, that's enough!" Lyu3 bu4 flatly interrupted the king of the moon, sink a track.Lyu3 bu4 smell speech is slightly zheng, looked at HanDe one eye, HanDe looked puzzled, wondered: "master, what's wrong?"利豪揪痧|"I know it, but..." Wei Yan put down another bamboo paper in his hand, That's the military order from changan, There's been a lot of rumor going on, Wei yan has been ready to be replaced at any time, after all, compared to others, he is just a new general, now alone led an army, this is easy to hate, plus this rumor, let wei yan was once discouraged, zhong yao these days, more than once sent to recruit, undeniable, there are a few times, wei yan.

利豪揪痧|In the distance, seibel also found the routed army naturally."Oh?" D eyes a bright: "but the lyu3 bu4?"Time, whether lyu3 bu4 or Korea hence, are very short.

"Lyu3 bu4?" Li You, a scribe by the name of Li You, smelled a complex color in his eyes. He looked at Miao Shang's distressed face and shook his head. "It wasn't difficult at all," he said."Master." Cheng Gongying crossed the gate, took up a cool breeze, toward the Han Sui a courtesy way: "The court messenger has settled down."Ezra pound and d looked at each other, corners of the mouth some bitter, not only jincheng? Originally lyu3 bu4 left forty-five thousand people, to now live is barely broken ten thousand, put aside the seriously wounded, now able to fight, even eight thousand are not enough.利豪揪痧|




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