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tek062搜翠网翡翠"One of our own." See zhang song doubt will look over, the law is light explained a sentence.After that, for a long time, zhou yu kept his eyes on lu bu, waiting for a chance to avenge himself. Therefore, in jiangdong, zhou yu knew better than anyone else that lu bu was worse....

"It's not hard to guess." Lu xun raised his head, looked at zhou yu and narrowed his eyes. "what does bo yan want to say?"The weapons were not as good as lu bu's. However, cao cao did not agree with the idea that he could defeat cao cao's spirit with only ten thousand soldiers."Not necessarily dead!" Zhou yu shook his head and smiles to say: "if the war, our army can march into the first world war and jingzhou, at that time, as our foundation, need more than one viceroy, jiangdong, lu su, tracing the cause of these people have the opportunity, virtually, can ease her family for me, Yu Zhong stratagem, these people can also be used to suppress me, as these people of talent show, prestige in the army, weaken me at the same time, also can cause suspicion of jin, as a result, he will balance, will no longer fear for me, it will depend on me to help him suppress river, as a result, the game is live."tek062However, zhou yu was not in a hurry. At that time, the pattern of the conflict between the north and the south was basically clear. All he needed was an inducement.

tek062"How far? Gao shun looked up at the observatory and asked."Kongming, this... "Zhang fei looked at these even in the face of death are not afraid of jiangdong man, but at the moment a burst into tears, moved the snake spear, finally did not start, some difficult to look at zhuge liang.Practice for a while after the spear with lu zheng, lyu3 bu4 returned to a title of generals in ancient times hall, year nearly, chan palace, falling are quite busy, even had not herein giffin and cao cao was caught, force over the past year of all kinds of reimbursement to summarize these days, a group of people busy, even the lyu3 bu4, are nodded.

Lyu3 bu4 to military rule, and fight for the men, not just defend, can also get a lot of reward, according to the military reward, not only the glory, more affordable, makes lyu3 bu4 under soldiers like hungry wolves have enormous desire for war, but cao cao can not under this treatment, the momentum are ok, but if the time is long, especially in the case of casualty rate greatly, jun can bring forth the gung-ho soldiers nature, once the mood spread, the Cao Caoke even back this chance is gone."Lord." Gao shun's face rarely shows a bit of a smile."Kill it! < / p > < p > a general broke away from the arms of two soldiers, struggling to stand up, coldly looked at zhang ren: "some things, he liu zhang do, don't blame our disrespect, zhang general, family background, is not our fault, these years, we in your army, can ever do sorry for his liu zhang things?tek062




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