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m1185空难|快可士刮痕去除剂At the same time, hong nong, gao shun daying.Fortunately, just a whim, heard only around 100 people, injured or direct unlucky shot dead only a dozen, not calculate what loss, but he was a beast to play, this let liu bao bizarre anger.Already very old hound prostrate at owner side, listening to the master's long-winded, drooping eyelids occasionally to sweep his eyes, but in most cases, are on the ground, it is already too old, like its owner, maybe tomorrow, it can't come, in addition to the old master, the whole home nobody likes it, all of a sudden, old hound ears sticking up, was prostrate on the floor, arms and legs suddenly stood up, alert to look into the distance, rose from its throat a whimper.

In the past, the huns relied on their personal prestige, and once their momentum was frustrated, they would fall into a deep depression. However, at present, this army has some kind of command and order, which is arrogant, but strong in the outside, but also more dangerous.Dostie over before the fire is lit, has already seen lyu3 bu4, many heavy rains, then put out the fire and let the huns from destruction, dostie just think of the other men may kill at any time, not like other huns blindly optimistic, at the time of the fire was put out gradually, he started Shouting around the soldiers to prepare for, is what's happening all too hasty, dostie command is still not fully enforced, lyu3 bu4 there have regardless of the fire is not entirely recede, launched the charge directly.This is a matter of the strategy on the general direction, the Wolf qiang qiang, after all, to live in harmony and zero cool qiang people is different, although called the qiang people, but in fact, has already been Hu Hua qiang people, d prestige is absolutely is not like lu bu name here to use, if you want to have them, you must first will they brought on potential, as to how to pressure, only is a kind of the trend of The Times.m1185空难|Burned when laowang and aguli could not help but be shocked, at the beginning han sui was worried that ma teng was bad for him, so the first attack is strong, ma teng is in the defenseless situation, was killed by the heavy army of han sui, if han sui really want to kill burn when laowang, then burned when laowang this to go, not to go to the net?

m1185空难|"Lord! The magnificent sea came to lv bu's side.Liu yun lives in the palace old site, as early as half a year ago has been sent to cao cao, but because of diao cicada birth things, the birth of life was lv bu dragged half a year time, this marriage is really formed.

Chen gong nodded, but his eyes fell on pang tong, smiling: "this gentleman, can you enter the hall for a chat?"Similarly, if can accept burn block qiang, become with white water qiang and broken qiang like the first batch of naturalized qiang people, for promoting the integration of qiang han has great significance.m1185空难|




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