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东张西望照样子写词语|疤顿"Don't ask. Look at this. It's probably the best news of the time." Cao cao handed a letter of bamboo paper to the waiter and smiled."Zhou Cang general, this person can't kill for the time being, or wait for the matter of hanoi, such as master." Wei yan wry smile."Er... WenHou, actually XiaGuan came to..." Chen Qun smell speech hurriedly want to discuss zhong yao, was lyu3 bu4 directly interrupted.

A three-foot-long shot has appeared in d hands, don't wait for the other side to have any reaction, raised his right hand jerked toward the front.Shook his head, No answer, lyu3 bu4 at the moment is reminiscent of what HanDe this famous general is, the late three kingdoms wei general, have four sons, in the battlefield together siege zhaoyun, but was killed by zhaoyun, later HanDe revenge for son, singled out zhaoyun, the result is self-evident, a father and son died in the hands of zhaoyun, as a foil, foil zhaoyun strong.Staying at the camp horse play, Li Kan has not returned to camp, suddenly heard the screaming ShaSheng mournfully shrouded the whole barracks for a moment, face can not help but change, have rode with QinWei came, is see d with men killed in the camp soldiers fled around.东张西望照样子写词语|"At the end of the day!" Zhang liao eyes flashed a touch of refined light, step forward.

东张西望照样子写词语|Above the spacious bureaucracy, Occasionally along the way you can see scattered villages as pearls embedded in the green water between the green mountains, A cavalry not fast not slow walking on the road, it doesn't look like a rush to the road, if not for those knights one by one fierce evil spirits, across the distance, can feel the temperature in the air as if dropped a few minutes, even birds and animals dare not close, like a door to the family guard."Cavalry?" Chen Xing frown thought, this cavalry is really a hard to get around, and since the camp three days ago, candidates for the night alert significantly increased a lot."Yes!" The guard promised and turned away.

"Wen Hou pardon." The woman nodded, let the people follow, when first with people across the bridge, closed YuanMen slowly open, a line of people on horseback through, through large tracts of farmland, toward the wild mountains.As if there is a flame burning in the chest, the trust alone, has been enough to eliminate wei yan heart because of rumors and gave birth to the slightest bit of hostility, determined to wholeheartedly assist lyu3 bu4.But more than ten days without Korea hence movement, under people are waiting for some impatience.东张西望照样子写词语|




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