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cf双飞欧麦诗定点瘦Xh instinctively feel a sense of crisis, subconsciously to hide, but have not anything, but then, his horse was miserably HSS, xh hurriedly look down, suddenly angular torn up, they saw his own horse head was a sharp arrows, also fortunately xh riding superb, genial smile that, a clap a horse, and taking off.Give up?"The Lord is right." Horses are patted the ballista, relative to other ballista, a burned the lightest, also largely retained many of the ballista, horses are being top craftsman, can calculate some of its properties, shake head to sigh a way: "is I underestimate the land, but research and development of the crossbow, it seems, are still not perfect, otherwise, the general yesterday pound are dangerous."

"No! Although the first time to see the appearance of the broken crossbow, but xia houyuan know not good.< / p > < p > sun jing frowns at huang zhong, although the character of sun yi is a little irritable, but a suit of ability can not be weak, not in the sun, although before some slight enemy suspect, but was so a foot to kick upside down fly up, how old strength?"This minister, whose surname was sima, whose first name was yi, and whose surname was zhongda, was originally a member of the sima clan in chang 'an. Unfortunately, the sima family was killed by lv bu. Fortunately, the minister was still in yingchuan and escaped a bullet.cf双飞Chapter 52 the willing take the bait

cf双飞"Uncle, this is not the way back to jiangdong. Where are we going now?" < / p > < p > leave cao jun camp, but sun jing did not take sun yi directly to lujiang, but toward the song mountain west and go, sun yi can not help but curious."Er... What meaning?" Zhang song puzzled to look at the positive law, the positive law did not say what."Ah, he is the governor's commander of thirty thousand armies." "Lv bu laughed.

Rows of rhubarb handheld crossbow jun crossbowman assembled quickly, start with the jun correlation, two stone rhubarb crossbow in range can overwhelm even the crossbow originally, but now the distance is not fully open, they are also within the range of seibel, and even the crossbow advantage at this point is made clear, less than one kung fu tea, three rows crossbowman under each other even crossbows suppression was almost completely annihilated, but seibel side have also started to appear battle damage, followed by JianCu archers shoot, but that is not yet completely out of range of the crossbow militia into fall.Chapter 59 annihilation of the enemy in campaign"Feint?cf双飞





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