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烟台健身俱乐部|财经道理财cjdao"Absurd!" D ugly face stood up, harsh voice way: "some but can't use the lives of soldiers of the armed forces to accompany Mr. Children's play.""No more." Lyu3 bu4 smiled and said, "Without hay, d and candidate morale will be scattered, what else? Find a place, ambush d, first put this all the way."Lifted his head, looked at lyu3 bu4 complex, thin face with a bit bitter: "that year WenHou and I have not been tolerated in the west cool, but no WenHou glory such ability, can only pretend to die."

An icy cluster of arrows soared into the air, Ruthlessly toward those who rushed to the army of the west cool army fall, Even in the old robes, this time, if the army was washed up, then, they will also be carried into the series of routed troops, d know this, so he relentlessly ordered to kill routed troops, pound also know, so his expression is as cold, without mercy."What is it?" With a bitter smile on his lips, he looked at Cheng Yin, who had not yet left, and Zhang Hengdao: "You two quickly went to the mud Yang to take over the army, and then the military forces withdrew to Wuwei, Li Kan, you go to inform Liang Xing, retreat to Ji County, the rest of the people together with my army, withdrew to Wuwei!"The breath of repression is getting heavier and heavier, the huns ride array in this short moment of kung fu can clearly see each other's flag on the ferocious wolf.烟台健身俱乐部|Cao cao didn't say anything, just handed the freeze letterhead, at this time, from lyu3 bu4 big break west cool army, harassing hanoi has been more than half a month, intelligence is lurking in changan area of detail sent back, detailed will be the current situation of the three auxiliary place, including zhong yao soldiers defeated captured, lyu3 bu4 defeat west cool and migrated to hanoi.

烟台健身俱乐部|Larocca has been fighting from the west gate, hundreds of west cool fighters with Xiao kill breath, like a torrent of kill to the south gate where Ma Tie is.When Santa saw the ground, suddenly found that the surrounding ground, I do not know when a hole the size of a bowl mouth, their horses is a foot into a hole, will miss.

Chapter 64 Future Planning"West cool army to cavalry, not siege!" Zhong yao shook his head and thought, "send some people to changan to spread rumors, seibel, wei yan recently secret contact with our army.""General, look at the direction, liang xing is to retreat to the direction of lingzhou." A lieutenant came forward and said to seibel.烟台健身俱乐部|





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