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小仓奈奈番号|武汉二中地址"Retreat to that Yin mausoleum first!" Guan yu sighed, qua defeat, some of the defeat makes him difficult to accept, back port Xing Daorong after all not water war, is done in accordance with the general defensive city war, was zhou tai easily ripped open from the water to rushed into the city, otherwise, tracing the cause even if the military forces more than twice, don't want to take qua from his hand.Chapter ninety-seven confrontation

Chapter one hundred and three dragon sing fengming (part two)Looking at Wei, he said, "But the elite in General Wei's hands is nearly half damaged. When he is cultivated for a while, he should send a letter to Chengdu, so that the young master can adjust some of the elite.""Drum bang!" Seeing his method worked, zhang fei can't help but roar excitedly, rumbling war drums, saw rattan shield did block each other's arrow cluster, jingzhou army couldn't help but morale, speed and a few minutes.小仓奈奈番号|The arrival of the male broad sea, let li muddy heart can not help but sink, even if he has assembled all the men at the moment, and male broad sea behind only five hundred guanzhong soldiers, but li muddy still dare not move.

小仓奈奈番号|Pang Tong smell speech can not help nodding: "Like master said, kongming although talent overflowed, but after all, before it was just paper, if not shu topography, he can't have the opportunity to hold up to now, but also therefore, kongming on the strategy, is a lot of progress, but jingzhou news, also should come, I don't know how to choose the kongming?""Prepare for battle!" Tardif sighed, qu a position is too important, once qu a lost, guan yu's army can directly from the land, straight into danyang, of course, guan yu can also go by water, that way, tardif absolutely desirable.Wei Yanwen said with a wry smile, "But now Zhuge Liang is shrinking his defense. When we attack, how will we consume it?"

"Send archers and shoot all these prisoners!" Tracing the cause of eyes flashed a cold awn.In this unfavorable situation, single-handedly, slay the enemy master is undoubtedly a good way to reverse the situation, if the other master slay, that even if the guanzhong military forces again elite, without the command of the coach, zhang fei can also use various methods to break the difficult army."Life you two people immediately rushed to danyang, meet tracing the cause of the army, against guan yu, this war, our army can no longer lose!" Sun quan solemnly way.小仓奈奈番号|




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