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娜塔莉 迪伦完美优惠顾客销售系统"Now, your mission is over?" Chen took a deep breath and ignored lv meng. Instead, he looked at fu DE.However, liu zhang's drawing of the tiger did not turn out to be an anti-type dog, which failed to win the hearts of the people. Instead, he hated the old and noble family in shu, which resulted in the loss of the hearts of the people, and finally led to the end of betrayal.

"The dog guarding the house destroyed the Great Wall by itself. So sun quan forced zhou yu to death." For sun quan, lu bu is not too respect, although compared with sun ce, he is more like an emperor, but also the Lord of the city."Oh?" Liu zhang completely meng, vacant look toward meng da: "this words from what? When did I have an affair with his wife?"From then on, liu xie in his own hands of the malpractice but bigger than the benefits he brought, even not off, if you can, cao cao really want to throw this trouble to lu bu, let lu bu himself to toss about, but obviously, if he really do so, is equal to let lu bu even big justice occupied.娜塔莉 迪伦

娜塔莉 迪伦"Then find an excuse to kill him and save him an eyesore every day.""Why? Liu zhang frowned, for meng da to lu bu's respect some dissatisfaction, but now look at chengdu, he is afraid there is only such a person available, is wu yi, has been sick for a long time, liu zhang is now in fact no one available, looking at meng da, can only patiently listen to the other side to explain.Deng xian is standing behind wei yan, smell speech can not help a burst of chill, this person of person of letter of lv bu's hand, true a match a poison, in comparison, although pang tong is a bit ugly, but at least won't so agonize over a person.

"I wait for mat river to explore a horse, general deng xian, we are yan general's people, beg general help!" < / p > < p > two scouts to see deng xian, hurriedly for help, obviously before the help of guanzhong soldiers scared not light."Son of a bitch, how dare you!" Zhang ren shouted angrily."Shi yuan also saw it." The method is to sweep a look at these pale old and noble families, sneer at a way: "these people should rule!"娜塔莉 迪伦




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