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bo kk44kk钼精粉After several bitter wars, the two sides temporarily entered the standoff period, but unfortunately, lombardi can afford, cao cao but with lombardi consumption, military supplies have begun to help.At the gate of the city, Ma Dai saw that the garrison had hung up the no-war card. He rode his horse to the front of D, and sank into a deep voice. "Eldest brother, it seems that Zhang He was afraid of us. When he hung up the no-war card, he wanted to lure him out of the city again, even more difficult.""Don't want to go out of town?" D looked at Yuan Jun on the wall, sneer at a way: "Then force him out of the city, you and iron brother with two thousand people each, around the city put arrows! I led ZhongJun."

"How can cloud Ho-te dare to stand shoulder to shoulder with Wen Hou?" Zhaoyun astringent track."Jun righteousness don't want to see that lyu3 bu4 how fierce, he can vertical and horizontal grassland, northwest, that is because of the terrain, lyu3 bu4 ride unparalleled, siege is not necessarily how strong, otherwise also won't be cao cao out of the central plains, we just need to keep the city, that lyu3 bu4 is a great ability, also don't want to cross the thunder pond." Falling in grant is calm many, the more adverse the situation, as counselors, must ensure their own calm mind, since lyu3 bu4 has arrived, fear also appears superfluous, surrender is naturally impossible, the rest, also only world war I.D zheng, then roared with laughter, clear and bright with rough laughter, behind eight thousand cavalry see their master wins a while, is cheering, moving the sky, listen to in the ear of the defenders, is very harsh, morale also fell.bo kk44kk"General Gao Yi!" Zhang gu hurriedly nodded and laughed.

bo kk44kk"Yes.""Don't worry, we won't move your three hundred people, and we'll send you three thousand people as your part. As for these women, they belong to you. We won't ask you what you want to do, and we'll give them a piece of land near the King's Court."...

"Nothing." Jiang xu shook his head, looked at his brother, smiled and said: "salary will rise, do a good job."But Jiang Xu also found an important link.Chen Xing rushed to the left and to the right in the disorderly army, but more and more jun around him, lamenting in his heart: "I have to rest my life!"bo kk44kk




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