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堞华棉鲲|财经道cjdao"Someone will do it for you." Xunyou looked at xiahou dun, shaking his head."Law xiao zhi? Lyu3 bu4 unexpectedly send you?" Pang tong was surprised to find that lu bu had brought fa directly to him. Now, fa yan was regarded as a suspect by all the people under lu bu's command."Don't get wild in front of me next time!" Lu bu ignored the red-faced pang tong and sat down in his chair. He looked at the two men and said, "pang shiyuan, I don't care what you have, but in front of me, you'd better not start your hands.

Lu bu turned his head and looked at the direction of the fall of the flag. At that moment, he clearly determined that cao cao could not avoid the arrow he shot in any way.Their pang tong to turn over, but the arm twist but thigh, just like falling in to teach, lyu3 bu4 didn't accept his allegiance, only is, by its in lyu3 bu4's words, to our advantage, can be more abhorrent is that these people used for him, is high, according to the han dynasty old lyu3 bu4's all welfare, didn't have anything to do with them, pang tong is good, falling to grant the western region to give lyu3 bu4 fight white workers now, such a thought, the mood seems to be better.However, lv bu thought of another problem. Without the pressure from the north, both jiang dong and liu biao had great room for development, which was the middle of shu.堞华棉鲲|Lyu3 bu4, already powerful arrive this level?

堞华棉鲲|Looked at their military forces in zhang liao army to fight, to flee, gao gan only five of these words in mind, not as good as a lamp that tea, the better part of a camp was dominated by zhang liao bring people, young horses are more, but in their own way is, zhang liao always carrying a cavalry tightly staring at the young, let gao gan is unable to command an army, and zhang liao side warrior, but under the leadership of the camp of a title of generals in ancient times, cooperate with the tacit understanding, will be divided into many pieces of political small pieces and then gradually eroded.'yes! Liu biao nodded, indifferent way: "you my husband and wife's predestined relationship has done, I also don't block you, from go."

First meeting between two people in mayi, when begin slain by zhang he, with zhang he holds the sea at that time there was a brief exchange, facing the touch, zhang he off guard, is holds a stick to direct sea horses to shock of hooves qi, holds zhang he's first impression of the sea, is the natural magic power, but because the attack, then holds withdrawing troops in the sea on the way, almost be zhang he shot to death.Why is that?"Well, the slaves, I'll take them." Lv bu nodded, looking at zhang liao: "wen yuan, you immediately set off, rushed to hetao to preside over the war, when to go into battle, I will let the hawk will send information to you, hetao army, ready to stand by, make the day, the army into youzhou, not wrong!"堞华棉鲲|




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