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led 股票紧妇康价格"Crossbow army 100 people a group, cover up alternately kill!" Pound saw this and shouted, "others, go to the fire!""If zi Ming thinks he can play, then play. Don't give cao meng DE a chance to breathe." Lv bu groped his fingers and looked at cao cao's big camp and said with a smile: "this time, with them to hit the remnants!""Ready!

"Presumptuous! Guan yu's eyes narrowed and sneered, "now you are the only one left in the four court pillars of hebei. I think that the four court pillars of hebei are no longer necessary.""Well, after all these battles, duke xuande's ability to escape is beyond compare!" < / p > < p > behind cao cao, high can not help but irony, when liu bei took refuge in yuan shao, the result of yan liang, wen Chou has been killed by guan yu, and then liu bei, while taking advantage of the defeat night escape, yuan shao sent to arrest liu bei's soldiers rushed an empty, although it has fallen cao, but for liu bei, high table is a little good feeling owe."Dang dang dang dang ~" at this point, the matrix after jun, cao cao also ordered a sounded, xh was complicated looked at before the war, although successful shield off the two thousand soldiers, but four times the size of jun is three times, and even pay the price of this battle, jun direct loss of strength, I'm afraid I will have close to twenty thousand, this battle... Can you really win?led 股票Liu xun also stood up and bowed to cao cao, saying, "before coming down, my father had asked the little man to learn more, to see the power of lv bu's army, or to study the strategy of breaking the enemy."

led 股票There was a dull thud. This time the crossbow was not a projectile, but a nearly flat shot, and though the range was shortened, the power of the arrows multiplied."No." He shook his head and said, "although there is no strong crossbow that can shoot 600 paces, the yi que guan garrison is the most elite infantry corps under lv bu's command. Even without the advantage of a strong bow, liu bei jun does not have any advantage."The arrows in the crossbow were shot continuously, and the wooden javelin made them unstable after thirty paces, but they did not need to be accurate, only to have a general direction.

"No, in fact the consigliere did make calculations according to various possibilities, the most probable, as I have just said." Method is shook his head: "child Qiao Xiong, to tell you the truth, even if you really will be successful to shu liu bei, you may not have to end well, don't forget, as you move, but is equal to the treachery, even liu2 bei4 don't mind, his subordinates will be despised, milan's family will not give you dirty looks, in the end, in order to quell the anger, perhaps, you also will be a victim, why bother?""Liu bei? When sun yi heard this, he could not help but think of huang zhong again. The old soldier's martial arts still made people tremble even if he thought about it at the moment."What can I do? After brief silence, zhang song difficult of openings way.led 股票




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