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口碑网长沙一号食品Iwslt sit in the accord, by window looked out, has been shoveling snow, Xu Changcheng restore the traffic state, seem very prosperous, but had to changan, when see iwslt unconsciously sigh, xuchang although busy, but after seen his city's bustling, iwslt total felling xuchang busy with one share ageing."Afraid is the text if unfortunate words." Chen qun smiled sadly."Without breaking or standing, shi yuan doesn't need to be impatient. I have ordered hao zhao to open wu pass to help people enter the pass." Lv bu shook his head, who wants to experience their territory war, but in this troubled times, where there is really happy land? To say stable, now the most stable number of yizhou, but think of the later period of The Three Kingdoms, yizhou national strength tired, people's livelihood withered, even if the war did not extend so far, yizhou's national strength has been exhausted.

"Put up your shield for me, archers!" Zang ba once again tried to suppress his opponent with a bow and arrow."My Lord general, the kingdom of frost is now divided, and my son, the king of frost, who has fled to bactria, has lost all military and political power to a regent who wishes to establish diplomatic relations with the han dynasty and to ask for a reinforcements to help him put down the rebellion." Lanzhan slightly bowed to lv bu and said, "xiao wang asks your excellency to send troops to help me regain my power. Your frost is willing to serve the emperor of heaven."Chapter 32 the coming of the enemy口碑网长沙"But...... Lanzhan face slightly changed, looking at lv bu's eyes, flash a struggle, gritted his teeth way: "he... It's your son!"

口碑网长沙"Play!""Quick, inform the Lord!" With cries of surprise, a large number of soldiers rushed towards him, and two guards charged with protecting Chen qun frantically searched around, but found nothing but a crossbow lying on the ground.After shaking his head, Chen qun left a piece of gold cake and quietly left, not noticing that a white dove had flown away from the wild goose nest soon after he left.

Bright knife light in the moonlight with a peng cold blood, the butler stared at the eyes of the stunned son drooping to the ground, CAI MAO indifferent looking quine home manor, the hand of the knife, blood constantly down the blade dripping, eyes flash a violent killing machine, senran way: "kill, a stay!"Chapter 21 the conflict between dragon and phoenixCAI shi shook his head, some disappointment: "if I, I will not remind you of these, xiangyang now need have mole, already not important, crazy son, you can know, although you are proficient in military strategy, but in those days, elder sister why don't you want to sit this Lord of the throne?"口碑网长沙




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