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集宁我爱你歌词维密魔法梳Chapter one hundred and thirteen god arrow retreat"Here!" Tardif, zhou tai excitedly promised 1, after each point a man with landing out of the city straight to YinLing, this is also the most likely way guan yu now.

Guan yu chase less than, can only chagrin at tardif into the city, ordered the soldiers to put a truce, hung good flag again.Things are also like many people imagine, lv meng in the sun quan command, with tardif, jiang qin, zhou tai, zhu ran and other jiangdong people all the way, liu bei in preparation, and lost jiangxia elite, almost lost in a row."Men, even if it is death, also want to die on the way to charge, with me to kill!" Guan yu struggling to mention the dragon crescent moon knife, roared, the first to fight, behind, less than five hundred soldiers at the moment has burst out of amazing courage, with the arrow rain, toward jiangdong soldiers launched a counter-charge.集宁我爱你歌词Ma Su and a family leader, With a group of families gathered in the family home, quickly ran to li hun camp, things surprised him, now, must control the ten thousand defenders in the city as soon as possible, not too much, as long as control of chengdu for a month, I'm afraid the frontline supplies will run out, then, pang tong is able to have all day, then is also powerless.

集宁我爱你歌词But HeQi or quickly reacted: "Yes, it is difficult to match under the fame, this first wave we held, that next, guan yu is more impossible!"The secretariat of the door, unexpectedly is hidden!

Tardif hiding in the side, saw the army siege, guan yu side defensive strength is weak, immediately rushed out on horseback, hand-drawn carved bow, hundreds of steps away, bow and arrow, horses galloping, serial three arrows.Especially lyu3 bu4 is about to seal the king's news has spread all over the world, ambition has become clear, this time, if lyu3 bu4 put forward to jiangdong attached conditions, how to solve?"At the end of the will see general wang!" Looking at Wang Shuang behind a bunch of guanzhong elite, Xie Yun only feel a little depressed, at the moment he is not many hands, but no matter how dare not with Wang Shuang bared teeth.集宁我爱你歌词





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